Muskrat House

A Podcast exploring the Bat-Shit History of the Badger State


We’d would put on the Muskrat House podcast even if no one wanted to pay them at all. That’s how it goes with passion projects. We do it because we’re crazy about the idea, not because we think we’re going to get rich.

But the truth is, Muskrat House requires work to get off the ground. Between the technology, equipment set up, and research time, a great deal of effort goes in to making every single one of the Muskrat House episodes.

If you listen to the podcast, we’d like to thank you. If you listen, and you’d like to help keep Muskrat House moving along, we’ll love you forever.

Consider following Muskrat House on Patreon and subscribing to the show. You’ll get some dope perks, and you’ll help us balance our careers and our passion for sharing Wisconsin History with you.

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