Muskrat House

A Podcast exploring the Bat-Shit History of the Badger State


Muskrat House - a Podcast dedicated to exploring the Batshit History of the Badger State

Muskrat House is a weekly podcast dedicated to Wisconsin History. Each week, Mary and Colin take turns trying to find the craziest, darkest, weirdest, or most obscure piece of Wisconsin History.

Learn more about Mary here, and learn more about Colin here.

Mary and Colin welcome tips and leads on stories, so long as they can be verified or researched. They also accept gifts of cash, goods, and services. You can accomplish all of that by going here.

All episodes of Muskrat House are rigorously researched within the reasonable limits of people who have jobs and kids and make no money off their research. Colin and Mary will make every effort to avail the audience of any and all sources used.